Signaling network analysis and high dimensional data analysis solutions

The SCALPEL technology can be applied for focused identification of cell types defined by expression of markers in cell signaling pathways. Multiplexed analysis of signaling protein expression by multiparameter flow cytometry can delineate cells based on functional features rather than expression of static surface markers.

Our state of the art techniques and technologies enable testing of cytokine receptor signaling pathways and molecules involved in the pathogenesis of oncology and inflammatory diseases. A deeper understanding of the mechanism of action of drug targets can facilitate the development of disease biomarkers. The innate and adaptive immune responses can be studied in multidimensional cellular analysis of blood and other liquid-based samples.

The CYTONUAGE is a data management and analysis platform for multidimensional datasets. The EYELIS technology combined with clustering algorithms facilitates data pre-processing, scaling, and analysis to not only identify individual cell types, but to accurately classify, characterize, and quantify the cell subpopulations.

Our advanced data visualization capabilities enable discovery and extraction of meaningful information from complex datasets to be integrated in an analysis report.

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