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Evidence-based approach to testing services


Deepath Diagnostics is a venture to avail novel technologies for detection of rare hematologic cells in stem cell cancers, allergic disorders, and autoimmune diseases. The set of assays, so-called “Single Cell Analysis of Limited Protein Expression Levels”, acquires the data measurements and performs the analyses in order to describe characteristics of the different cell types. The cells of particular relevance are cells aberrantly activated, such as leukemic stem and progenitor cells (primitive cells with maturation and proliferative potential) and basophils (immune cells that degranulate in an allergic response).

The assays are designed to identify specific cell types based on the expression of lineage markers and cell-based protein biomarkers. Thus, disease states are characterized based on the cellular components that are altered in conditions such as leukemia relapse, hypersensitivity response, and immunity perturbations. When integrated with other laboratory data, the results allow better disease and treatment monitoring, and determine the cause of recurrence. As such, the tests are predictive and enable better treatment strategies.

Data analysis tools that enable visualization of multiparametric data are an integral aspect of the SCALPEL® assay. The Eyelis® algorithms enable pattern-based classification of cells identified by high parameter cytometry using feature selection and statistical categorization, and generate intuitive data displays to facilitate the interpretation of high-dimensional cell specific data.

Laboratory Testing Services

We are dedicated to providing our clients with laboratory testing solutions they can trust. And thus, we will continue to optimize towards the latest technology and expertise. We value accuracy and reproducibility of test results and understand that timely results are paramount. Customers can be assured that tests performed with proper guidelines will provide the most accurate results with a rapid turnaround time.

Our testing solutions will have most impact to clinicians in hematologic malignancies such as:
  • Myeloid Leukemia
  • Lymphoblastic Leukemia/Lymphoma
  • Plasma Cell Neoplasms

The tests can also ascertain sensitization to allergens in allergic conditions.

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