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Jitakshi De, President & CEO


Dr. De is a Physician Scientist / Pathologist and Entrepreneur, Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Deepath Medical Diagnostics, Inc. She holds a Bachelors in Biology with Highest Honors from UNC – Chapel Hill, and earned her M.D. from Duke University School of Medicine. Dr. De completed her residency in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology from University of Texas at Houston (2003 – 2007) and a fellowship in Hematopathology from University of Michigan Health System (2008 – 2009). She has a Masters in Legal Studies in Healthcare Law (M.L.S., 08/2017 – 12/2018) online from University of Oklahoma. She brings valuable industry experience in cytometry technologies, high dimensional data analysis, and cell-based disease biomarkers, with a particular focus in hematologic and oncologic disorders.

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our products

Scalpel ®

The SCALPEL technology can be applied for focused identification of cell types defined by expression of markers in cell signaling pathways.

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Cytonuage ®

Enables collaborative research applying single cell technologies through friendly user interface, easy data upload and management, data sharing, and multidimensional analysis and visualization.

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Eyelis ®

Eyelis Software-Assisted Analysis of Proliferative Stem/Progenitor Cell Types Detected by the SCALPEL Assay in a Blood Sample with Relapsed Chronic Myeloid Leukemia.

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Single Cell Analysis of Limited Protein Expression Levels represent assays that analyze gene expression at single cell level, enabling precise determination of differences in gene expression in individual cells (e.g. stem and progenitor cells, differentiated cells).

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We specialize in the design and analysis of successful high-dimensional cytometry experiments.

Our tailored antibody panels analyze the protein and gene expression of primary human specimens (bone marrow, blood and other bodily fluids) to identify cell types and cellular subsets. We use this data to facilitate better diagnostics and treatment across a broad range of clinical applications.

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